trgovina modnim tkaninama Ruho stofovi materijali za odijela
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For lovers of fashion fabrics…

Take a look at our rich offer, which is constantly expanding, supplementing and changing, and find something for yourself!

For business, everyday, formal and wedding suits as well as women’s suits, we offer wool fabrics of different colours and patterns: flannel, cool wool, lustrine, tartan, tweed, crêpe georgette and others.

Out of heavier fabrics for coats we offer bouclé, cashmere, mohair, velour and tweed.

Our basic offer of materials for formal dresses, skirt suits, blouses and women’s suits includes a rich selection of silks, monochromes and printed, satin with and without elastene, crêpe de Chine, silk muslin, organdy, chiffon and georgette and of gala fabrics we also offer: brocades, various types of lace, macrame lace, 3D lace, khadi, lame, elastene (Lycra), marocain, microfiber, velvet, velvet with elastene, American satine, satine with elastene, taffetas and various types of tulle.

We offer cotton, viscous and linen fabrics such as batiste, jersey, twill, mako, poplin, corduroy and jeans for blouses, shirts, tops, dresses, sportwear and suits, as well as fabrics mixed with elastene and synthetic fiber fabrics.

We offer viscous linings, atlas and taffeta in all colours and intermediate linings of all weights.

Choose from our offer

We feel most comfortable using natural materials, especially when it comes to clothes! That is why we offer a wide selection of fabrics comprised of natural materials – comfortable and elegant every day.

For all fabrics with lining, using a natural lining material is also important to ensure breathability and comfort. For this reason, we offer our customers viscose linings, monochromes or patterned, in a wide selection of colours and shades so you can choose from many combinations with wool fabrics and other clothing fabrics.

trgovina modnim tkaninama Ruho stofovi materijali za odijela