“Ruho“ is a store that sells fashion fabrics used in making light and heavy ready-made clothes for men and women. We offer cloths, silk, cotton, viscous and linen fabrics as well as synthetic fabrics. We wish to invite you to visit us at the centre of Zagreb and see for yourself the richness, attractiveness and quality of our offer!



Dear customers,

It is our pleasure to notify you that, after many decades of experience in the textile industry and successfully conducting business, we have opened a new store of household textiles – Ruholinka!
The store’s offer consists of a dining collection, linen collection, bathroom collection and a home decor collection, and is completed with a collection of clothing for comfortable living and sweet dreams. Emphasis is placed on products made from natural fibres such as cotton, linen, silk, viscose, bamboo and wool with the use of high-quality finishing technology, beautiful colours and appealing design.

The dining collection comprises: kitchen and living room tablecloths and table toppers in various sizes, made from linen or damask, serviettes, kitchen towels, aprons and various other kitchen accessories.
The linen collection comprises: bedding – made from linen, satin or damask – sheets, pillowcases of various sizes, duvets, bedspreads, blankets, terry cloth sheets, pillows, quilts and mattress protectors.
The bathroom collection comprises: towels and bathrobes in a wide variety of colours and patterns – woven, printed and plaid – bathroom mats and gift towel sets.
The home decor collection comprises: linen and cotton handmade and machine–made curtains, various handicrafts, decorative pillowcases, bedspreads and upholstery.
The collection of clothing for comfortable living and sweet dreams comprises: men’s and women’s underwear, handkerchiefs, sleepwear and pyjamas, lounge robes, loungewear, tights and socks.
We invite you to visit our new store in Nikole Jurišića 19/I,  where our wide and constantly updated selection will allow you to decorate your home according to your own taste!

Contact:01/481-77 95

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