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Timeless fabrics for autumn/winter 2023/2024

With fabrics that are pleasant to the body and eyes, in which you want to spend the winter, warm yourself and your loved ones. Choose:

  • brocades
  • bouclé
  • jersey
  • flannel
  • cool wool Tasmania
  • cashmere
  • twill with elastene
  • corduroy
  • lustrine for men and women’s suits
  • microfiber
  • mohair for coats
  • cotton velvet
  • velvet with elastene
  • Glen plaid
  • corduroy
  • tartan
  • jeans
  • tweed
  • velour for coats
  • wool rips
  • wool georgette

In terms of wool fabrics, we offer super wools!

The largest selection of sewing materials for wedding suits and special occasions

We offer world-class sewing materials for wedding suits and wedding dresses! For wedding suits and waistcoats, we offer the largest selection of super wool and wool fabrics with elastene, monochromes or patterned, as well as wool satin and tuxedos. If it’s white or shades of white you’re after, in our range you will find fabrics not only for wedding dresses – such as various types of silk and artificial muslin, satin and lace – but also for suits, waistcoast and coats!

For top-quality suits, we also offer the best linings, made of natural materials!

You can see photos of our fashion fabrics on Facebook, so feel free to give us a follow, ask questions, contact us or send us queries! 🙂

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We also proudly present Italian summer fashion fabrics

Selected from our rich offer:

  • linen
    • in several natural shades
    • monochrome
    • multiple-coloured
  • twill with elastene
    • monochrome
    • printed
  • silk satin
  • silk georgette
  • viscose fabrics
    • printed
    • viscose crêpe
    • viscose satin
    • viscose jersey and tricot
    • viscose jersey and tricot with elastene
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